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Top 5 Best Selling Nissan Spare Parts

Myers Orleans Nissan is a dealership that not only offers a wide variety of Nissan vehicles, both new and pre-owned, but also takes care of its customers through dedicated service and parts departments. Nissan offers quality, dependable vehicles that last for over a hundred thousand kilometres. However, that does not mean that parts last forever--sometimes items get worn down and require replacement.

The knowledgeable staff at Myers Orleans Nissan is ready to find the right parts and accessories for vehicles at a price that works for drivers. It is well-stocked with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, as well as non-OEM quality parts and accessories.

Headlights and Taillights

Headlights and Taillights

The best-selling Nissan spare parts are the ones that wear out the fastest. Because they will be replaced several times over a vehicle's life, these parts consistently fall in the top five best-selling Nissan parts.

Lights are one such part. Both headlights and taillights wear out over time, just like lightbulbs in a house. Driving without lights can be dangerous, as well as illegal. In addition to lights wearing out, they, along with their protective covering, can get damaged during driving. Whether driving on highways, backroads, or trails, there are always rocks, stones, and other debris striking parts of a vehicle, including lights. For these reasons, lights are one of the best-selling Nissan spare parts.

Oil Change Necessities

Oil Change Necessities nissan 2020

Oil changes are one of a vehicle's most routine maintenance items. Because of this, parts related to oil changes are one of the best-selling Nissan items. This includes oil filters, which should be replaced at every oil change. With oil changes occurring every 5,000-6,000 kilometres, oil filters are frequently being ordered by parts and service departments.

Exterior Parts and Accessories

Exterior Parts and Accessories nissan

New car sales have been on the decline for a while, which means that drivers are instead opting to improve and customise their existing vehicles. This makes exterior parts and accessories some of the most in-demand items, including chrome trim, tonneau covers, wind deflectors, and more.

Interior Parts and Accessories

Interior Parts and Accessories

Car improvements are not just limited to the exterior--many drivers add interior accessories in order to make their vehicle nicer or make driving easier. One example is floor mats. Drivers opt to upgrade the standard carpet mats to tougher rubber mats that are easier to clean and resist spills and stains.


Car batteries and accessories, such as chargers and jumper cables, are also among the best-selling parts. Though they are not replaced frequently, batteries do wear out and can lose their power after unintended incidents, such as forgetting to turn off lights or shut doors properly.

Spare Parts at Myers Orleans Nissan

As said before, the parts that wear out or require replacement on a schedule are the best-selling Nissan spare parts. From oil filters to air filters and from brake pads to rotors, there are many parts that are being used constantly by service departments, independent service centres, and handy vehicle owners. Myers Orleans Nissan offers expertise and a large parts inventory available for drivers in Orleans.

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