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Nissan Rogue review from our dealershipin in ottawa

Drive with Confidence in a Rogue

Seductive in appearance, practical in its capabilities, and comfortable in its design, the Nissan Rogue for sale near Ottawa at the preferred store for a successful vehicle search – Myers Orléans Nissan – you’re going to really enjoy what awaits you when you get into this incredible addition to your household. With a spacious interior for all those along for the ride, as well as standard features that include Quick Comfort Heated Front Seats, RearView Monitor, and awards that include the 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick+, this is a vehicle that really deserves your attention! Let’s get you into the model that suits you best and reward you with a dealership experience that includes complimentary shuttle service and the prestige of earning Nissan Dealer Award of Excellence for Ontario. Let us be your guides to the great world of the Nissan Rogue and where it can take you – with models that certainly express a variety of opportunities for drivers looking for a great drive today and for the years ahead, too!

Drive with Confidence in a Rogue

The Rogue can be further enjoyed with revolutionary features that include forward emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane departure warning & prevention, as well as the incredible addition of forward-emergency braking with pedestrian detection. You’re going to have a safer, more collected, and more refined drive when you choose a Nissan Rogue for sale in Ottawa. Let’s get you back to the heart of great driving again – with the vehicle that will get you where you’re going in style and backed by modern qualities you’re going to love for years to come. Add to all these amazing elements the fact that you’ll be driving with the fantastic 2.5-litre engine that features the Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System, delivering 170 horsepower for performance you can feel on the road, along with an incredible fuel economy you’ll benefit from when you’re out on longer drives!

Shaken and stirred

Welcome agent, we see you are searching for a vehicle for your upcoming break from active spy duty. Well, allow us to introduce the Nissan Rogue. Sleek, stylish, and with many unique features, it should serve you well during your break. It still maintains all of the hallmarks we attribute to our more exotic vehicles, including an available rearview backup camera and the accompanying 360-degree monitoring system. No matter if it’s ninjas in Myanmar or buggies at the grocery store, you’ll know exactly what’s coming from all angles in the Rogue. It also features a sophisticated design which limits noise. Crucial in the field, as you know, but we suspect it might just be a pleasant plus for your regular commutes. There are a number of other features and gadgets, but we can see you are ready to go. We have arranged to have a number of potential Nissan Rogues near Cumberland at the Myers Orléans Nissan. Of course, you will still be expected to pay, the department’s budget isn’t what it used to be, but their prices are exceptional and their customer service second to none. Go and see them at 1452 Youville Dr, in Orléans, or give them a call at (613) 824-8550. And as always: Good luck agent.

Why Choose Myers Orléans Nissan



It’s Dangerous Out There, Go Prepared

Nissan has made a number of interesting alterations to the Nissan Rogue. LED lights are now available to allow for greater situational awareness during ‘midnight rendezvous’. It also features available 19” aluminum-alloy wheels which, while not bulletproof, do amp up the style factor quite a bit. Perfect for fitting in during your next trip to the Monaco Grand Prix. There is also an available motion-activated power liftgate at the rear of the vehicle. We have data to suggest that we’ve lost a lot of agents fumbling for their keys in the heat of things, so now a swift kick and it’s all automated! Welcome to the future, agent. Interested? Visit us near Cumberland today!


The Safest Place in all of Tunisia

In the field, safety is priority #2 behind getting those plans from the double agent before World War Three kicks off. It is still important, however, agent, and Nissan has spared no expense. While there are too many features to list here, there are highlights, including the available Hill Start Assist system which keeps you going up even when gravity would have it otherwise. It also has an available intelligence trace control technology to keep you on the straight and narrow when giving chase around corners. Useful stuff, and just the tip of the iceberg as you will soon find out. Come and check out our Nissan Rogue collection today!


Nisan Rogue | Ready for Anything You can Throw at it

We found that many potential assets were frequently wooed by comfortable interiors, so quilted leather-appointed seats are available as is LED interior lighting. However, as you well know, function must take precedence over style, as such the seats are also fully foldable allowing you to mix and match cargo and passengers. We wouldn’t even begin to guess what you’ll get up to in the field, so it seemed best to be prepared for anything. One final note on this, the panoramic moonroof won’t stop missiles or nerve gas, but the view is very often worth this trade in security - we’ve found. We hope you’ll agree.


Friendly Service near Cumberland

Your nearest contact for getting a Nissan Rogue near Cumberland is Myers Orléans Nissan. Their staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and offer a low-pressure alternative to some of our other dealers in the past. These are the good guys, agent, and we think you’ll like what they have to offer. As an interesting aside, if the lab is ever busy, don’t be afraid to bring your new Rogue in to get serviced at their service center. They are skilled with a wrench, just warn them in advance if you go decide to go for that oil slick functionality - as a courtesy.



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